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Software Should Be Beautiful

As beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder; a software that makes our customer happy, more competitive, more secure and more profitable is what we call beautiful.

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Software Should Adapt To You, Not Vice Versa

If you are finding yourself having to overhaul your years long experience of doing business; you are probably trying to don on the wrong software suit.

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Bad Software Crashes Good Hardware

History is full of some tragic; some tragi-comic cases where lousy software resulted in loss of data, business and most tragic of all ; life.

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Our Services

Enterprise Software

Helping you run your business on a seamless platform covering all your inner and external processes.

Mobile App Development

Helping businesses reach out to their clients and audiences through user friendly, high performance applications.

Software Maintenance

Helping our customers run their software infrastructure with an eye on stability, performance and security.


Helping you differentiate yourself from the crowd.

Select Projects

Please browse through a few select project of ours below, to get a better feel idea about the scope of our capabilities and experience.


The first B2B videoconferencing platform of Turkey.

Dominos Coffy

A worldwide brand that trusts us with its mobile application.


Helping the largest vocational safety firm of Turkey manage its business more efficiently.


The center which processes thousands of applications each day across a span of 10 countries.

B2B Planet

Innovative ways to match the solution providers with the solution seekers.


Where art meets technology.


A little on the wild side.


A B2B Platform that helped hospitals to get the best deals.

Years of Experience

Orsa Soft is a unique blend of software engineers and technicians bringing you the best.

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tolerance for bad code
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